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This was our second full week of system usage, and we want to give a big “thank you” to all our customers. We are working hard to make this the worlds best commercial truck parts cross reference tool, and your feedback is important to us. For updates this week, we have the following.

We added a total of 12,712 new part numbers to the system this week. This was spread across 15 different manufacturers. We now have 1,141,193-part numbers in our system. Part of these updates also includes creating more “links” between part numbers, which we are going to start working on computing and tracking in the coming months.

We also now have over 1,300 people that have signed up to use our free truck parts cross applications through iOS, Android, the website, and our desktop application. We had 10 manual requests for parts this week, and we were able to find additional cross references for those parts except for one customer. It was part number 673445, which is a pressure sensor used on a military truck wet tank. We called around, researched with manufacturers, and couldn’t find anyone else that makes it.

We didn’t add any more images to the website this week, but we have around 50,000 queued up waiting to be uploaded. Our hope is to get this added next week.

Another large vendor that we received multiple requests on was PAI. PAI is a manufacturer of aftermarket engine parts, such as CAT, Mack, Cummins, and others. We tried to contact PAI to receive a cross reference sheet, but they didn’t want to give us one. This means we have people manually going on their website to find the crosses and enter them into our database, and part of the 12,000 plus part numbers we added includes PAI.

We also had no descriptions for thousands of Red Dot part numbers. Our team has been working hard on this, and we can say that Red Dot now has proper descriptions on each part number.

Thank you again for using our platform, and we look forward to receiving feedback each week!

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