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Part of the commitment we are giving to users is the transparency of what we are doing to improve the Truck Parts Cross platform. Our goal is to post weekly blog post explaining what is happening behind the scenes, and of course encourage you to keep helping us! We are very excited to bring this product line to everyone, and of course making it free for anyone to use. We can’t stress it enough – Report to us if you can’t find problems, have issues, or ideas for improvement. Our goal is to make this the worlds best cross reference tool for commercial truck parts, and we can’t do it without your help.

Weekly Updates

This previous week our team has completed the following updates and features for the website:

  • We uploaded over 30 more documents detailing the cross reference of 8,709 more part numbers.
  • We uploaded a little more then 10,000 images to the system.
  • Our users reported 24 part numbers not being in the database. We hand reviewed all of them, and found we were indeed missing 20 of them. However, 4 of them are OEM part numbers that have no cross reference that we could locate.

Part of our hand-review process involves our Product Manager performing detailed searches and contacting various manufacturers on availability. Even we if we can’t find an alternative for that part number, we are now adding them to the system so that future users know that it has been reported.

We are also getting a lot of reports from users on PACCAR filters. We are working with various filter manufacturers to find alternative part numbers for these, so we can include them in our system.

As a company, we had another user request that we feel is appropriate to add to the system. We had a customer contact us that was searching for a wiper blade, with part number 91-22. The system returned over 60 possible part numbers with “9122”, which is too many. They asked if there would be a way to filter results by manufacturer or category. We think these are both excellent ideas, and development is already underway to implement them.

Final Thoughts

We hope you are enjoying the Truck Parts Cross application, and we do appreciate the feedback we’ve received so far. Please continue to let us know either through the reporting feature inside the app, or leave a comment below!

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