Tips When Searching for Truck Parts

by | Truck Parts Cross

While it might seem very straightforward on how to properly search for trucks parts on the Truck Parts Cross platform, this isn’t always the case. The issue has to do with the naming convention that various heavy truck part dealers and distributors use.

For example, lets take the common Gunite 3600AX brake drum. Depending on where you purchase this part from, it could look like the following on your invoice:

  • ZBR3600AX
  • GUN3600AX
  • GUN 3600AX
  • GN3600AX
  • … and may more.

The reason for this is that various part distributors will place a unique prefix at the front of the rear of the part number. We call these prefixes and suffixes.

While we are constantly tweaking our system to improve search quality and speed, the best way to find results is to not include the prefix in your searches. Using the examples above, simply search for “3600AX” and you’ll find your results easily and quickly!

About the Author

Kaelyn Johnson is on the marketing team as a graphic designer for Diesel Laptops. She is a recent graduate of Winthrop University where she studied Digital Information Design.