It has been a busy couple weeks here at Truck Parts Cross, and the team has been hard at work making our platform even better. We’ve improved search, added content, and are have several new products and enhancements underway to make this an even better free platform. We are dedicated to making the worlds best truck parts cross reference tool, and we appreciate all the feedback we are receiving.

Search has Improved

We noticed that a lot of searches that are being done have prefixes on the front of the part number. We posted another blog post that explains this more clearly, but we of course want the best possible customer experience. We had our team catalog all the known prefixes that dealers and distributors use, and then modified our search algorithm to look for them. This means you should now see more results when you perform searches.

More Truck Parts Added

Over the last 2 weeks, we have added another 19,278 part numbers to our system. This was spread out over 20 different heavy truck parts manufacturers. We also added another 12,848 images as well. We now have 1,161,400 part numbers currently cataloged in our system.

What is Coming Next

We have two large projects that are already underway. The first project is making the logical connections between parts. For example, manufacturer A says that their part AAA is the same as manufacturer B with part number BBB. No manufacturer B says their part is the same as Manufacturer C with part number CCC. So, the question we all have: Is part number AAA the same as CCC? No manufacturers have made this link or published this information, but it probably is. For this reason, we are developing an algorithm to find all these matches, and then allow our truck parts experts to review the matches and either approve or deny them. It will be a long process, but it will lead to a better experience for our users.

The second project is putting all 1.1 million part numbers into a category system. Our goal here is to allow customers to filter results by categories to improve search reliability. This will be very handy for short part numbers. As example, if you search for Anco wiper blade 91-22, there are over 60 matches of part numbers that start with “9122”. By selecting what type of part you are looking for, it should make it easier to find your parts.



Thank you again for support Truck Parts Cross. We’ve built this platform for free, and our intention is to keep it that way. We have a team here working hard to continue to improve the experience, and we always appreciate comments and suggestions!

About the Author

Kaelyn Johnson is on the marketing team as a graphic designer for Diesel Laptops. She is a recent graduate of Winthrop University where she studied Digital Information Design.