15 Million New Truck Parts Cross References

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Cross referencing truck parts isn’t the most obvious and easy thing to do. As most places that sell commercial truck parts, they stock multiple manufacturers so they can provide clients options. This is to ensure customer satisfaction, meeting pricing requirements for customers, and a multitude of other options. The problem with this is that cross referencing one manufacturer to another always isn’t so easy. That’s why we created 15 million new truck parts cross references that the industry never knew existed. 

Let’s walk through an example.

You have a Stemco slack adjuster, with part number MK22101S. You bring it your local parts department, which stocks Gunite. Your trusted parts counter person heads to the Gunite website or parts catalog and then works on trying to cross your Stemco number to a Gunite. They type in the Stemco number, and then they see this:

The next thing you hear from your parts professional is “Sorry, we don’t seem to have the Gunite one in stock. You’ll have to try somewhere else or I can order it for you.” However, if you take this same part number and put it into our Truck Parts Cross platform, you would see these results:

Our system clearly shows that Stemco MK22101S crosses over to at least three different Gunite part numbers. In fact, our system shows that this part crosses over to at least 45 different part numbers.

So how is this possible? How did the actual manufacturer website and catalog not cross reference this part, while our system does?

The reason is that our system is built to look at all manufacturers, from every angle possible. The component manufacturer, in this case, Gunite, is just looking at cross references that they can make. They aren’t looking at what cross references other competing companies have already figured out and then using that data. Manufacturers of parts are often good at one thing: Making parts. They typically fall a bit short when it comes to advanced cross referencing and other higher tech functions.

As of the day of this blog post, our computer algorithms and parts professionals have approved over 15 million truck parts cross references that the world didn’t know existed. These are what we call “Indirect” cross references, and you’ll find them in our system and clearly marked as such.

Our company is committed to providing the worlds best database of commercial trucks parts, and indirect cross references are just one of the many things that we do better than the rest. Our company researches all “zero result” searches each day, which means that every search in our system is analyzed to improve the database. We always appreciate feedback and comments, so please leave one!

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