Truck Parts Cross June 2019 Updates

by | Truck Parts Cross

Recently we reached out to hundreds of users and asked a simple question. How and what can we do better? The responses typically fall into two different categories. The database, meaning the amount of parts with the ability to be cross referenced. The second being the user experience within With the advice we have received, we made some changes. Here are a few of the recent changes we’ve made.

3 Sample Searches

A common pain point with users was the inability to search for parts without creating an account. Although signing up for an account is FREE!! Users now have the ability to perform three searches prior to having to sign up for a FREE account. This gives users the opportunity to quickly look up parts and check out the cross reference tool with out creating an account at first.

Cross Designation

We have over 1 Million+ Parts, and 17 million+  previously undiscovered part crosses. With that said, you can imagine a user could face an overwhelming amount of options. With the latest updates we have done a few things to help narrow your search down.

The first thing that we did was categorize parts with a “D” or “I”. Parts marked with “D” indicate that they are Direct Crosses from the manufacture. Parts marked with “I” indicate they are Indirect Crosses. Do to the fact that many manufactures do not have detailed cross reference records, they may not recognize all available crosses. For example, Part number AS1142 Gunite Slack Adjuster crosses to MK22101S a Stemco Slack Adjuster. The Stemco crosses to A23275C601S a Rockwell Meritor Slack Adjuster. Previously nothing would show that the Gunite Slack Adjuster and Rockwell Meritor crossed. Our specialized algorithms have been able to make these crosses. We classify these as “I” Indirect crosses. You will always want to verify the accuracy of these cross references, but they should work! By default, We filter all results with the Direct “D” crosses to show first.

Filter By Manufacture

You may find multiple pages of cross referenced results when you search for a part. We have introduced the ability to filter your results by typing in the “Filter” field. For example, if you want parts available only from Euclid, you would simply type Euclid into the filter field and the system will return only results related to Eucli. This allows you to narrow the results down to just the brands you carry.

Parts Catalog

With the latest update, you can download entire parts catalog from manufactures. If the Parts Catalog is Available for download you will see an option on the bottom left corner that says “Download PDF”. Here is an example using Gabriel Suspension. More and mores parts catalogs are being entered daily. If your specific brand is not in there, let us know and we will try to get it uploaded.