Truck Parts Cross vs Fleet Cross

by | Truck Parts Cross

Motor’s FleetCross has been a go to source for cross referencing truck parts for years. While FleetCross is a great tool, the $3,500 a year for a 3 user seat is a bit steep! We have created a  comparison to showcase a few of the differences between the no cost and Motor’s FleetCross. Below are some examples.

Easy To Read Results

In this first example, we take a look at a very common part, AS1142, a Gunite Slack Adjuster. Notice that in FleetCross you come up with 8 separate parts. In reality there is only one AS1142 and it is a Gunite Slack Adjuster! Just because FleetPride and NAPA sells it, doesn’t mean they make the slack adjuster. There is no need for the additional part listings.

When you click on the result for the available cross references you will be presented a large list of multiple crosses that are available for this part. It can be easy to get lost in a click trail while searching for a proper cross with all of the results shown.

When you perform the same search in, you will find that there is in fact only one AS1142 Gunite Slack Adjuster! 

The list of parts that cross to the Gunite slack adjuster is sorted by type. The part cross will be either a Direct or an Indirect Cross. With our systems, and parts professionals, we have created over 17 Milllion, never before seen crosses, in the industry. These new crosses are called Indirect crosses and happen when Manufacturer A crosses to Manufacturer B and Manufacturer B crosses to Manufacturer C. For more about this visit our June Updates Blog Post

Actual Part Images

Next, look at an Alliant Power Fuel Filter, part number AP61005. When we search for the fuel filter in Fleet Cross, not much is returned. The system shows what the part is, however does not give you the ability to cross it. Furthermore, the image shown is a generic image of a group of different filters.

When we go to and search for the same AP61005 Alliant Power Fuel Filter you will see an image of the actual filter that matches that part number. We have multiple direct crosses for that filter, as well as multiple pages of indirect crosses that will cross to the same thing. 

Is It Worth It??

At the end of the day Motor Fleet Cross is a great tool, but it costs $3,500 per year and gets little to no updates to the software or database. is FREE and we have a team of parts specialists improving the program daily. Each and every search that produces “no results” is analized by our team of parts experts so that we can continuously improve the number of cross references available. We also welcome any feedback you may have after using the software. Go visit and sign up for your FREE account today and start cross referencing parts quickly and easily.