Look What We’ve Been Up To at Truck Parts Cross

by | Truck Parts Cross

It has been a busy past few months at TruckPartsCross.com!  We have been making huge strides to be your first and only stop for parts cross referencing. In 6 months we have assisted over 8000+ Truck Parts Pros and Diesel Technicians cross reference millions of parts.


At TruckPartsCross.com we have a team of dedicated parts professionals with more than 50+ years combined expertise. Our parts pros spend the majority of their time scouring resources such as vendor catalogs, OEM catalogs and parts diagrams to add to our database – minimizing the number of unlisted parts. Even going as far as researching each search that returns zero results to add to the system.

Whether you’re working on Freightliner, Peterbilt, Kenworth, International or Volvo, we currently have over 3000+ parts manufacturers in our database. These manufacturers include all of the big name brands such as Fleetrite, Alliance, Kit Master and Interstate McBee to name a few!  In addition to the big named aftermarket vendors, we also have the major OEMs such as Rockwell – Meritor, Bendix, Webb, Dana, Spicer and more. .


As you can imagine, the task of taking millions of parts from thousands of vendors loading them into one central, searchable, easy to use database is a daunting one. This task is no match for our engineering department that has 60+ years of combined software and mobile application engineering. They work feverishly on the side of the database that the user will likely never see. Their work directly impacts how users interact within the application. Engineering’s primary responsibility is to ensure that users can find the correct part fast, display all relevant crosses, all while making the application user friendly. 


As a team, we are committed to providing the world’s best database of commercial trucks parts cross referencing with both direct and indirect crosses. While the parts professionals work feverishly to enter all the data and continue to research all “zero result” searches each day. The software team will ensure that users can find the all the information needed quickly and easily to ensure valuable resources and time aren’t wasted looking for the right parts. We always appreciate feedback and comments, so please leave one! At the end of the day we need your help to create this resource. head over to TruckPartsCross.com and let us know what you think.

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