We are excited to announce, we are working with Meritor!! A leading global supplier of drivetrain, mobility, braking and aftermarket solutions for commercial vehicle and industrial markets. Meritor has years of experience engineering innovative products that offer superior performance, efficiency and reliability. We couldn’t be more excited to work with them as we try to simplify truck parts.


We received a list of 64,737 part numbers from Meritor to add to our database. This info was a combination of Meritor parts and the crosses currently known by them. As a result, we now have 100% of Meritor parts, over 50,000+ unique part numbers, in our system with available cross references. Also, when you are searching for parts that have an applicable Meritor cross, you will see these listed in the results. While working with them we were able to show Meritor parts that they were unaware they crossed to making it a win win for everyone.


This new partnership marks a huge milestone for TruckPartsCross.com and Diesel Laptops as we strive to simplify heavy duty truck parts. here at TruckPartsCross we are looking forward to the day that all available parts options are quickly found in one easy location. Everyone should have to ability to identify the parts they need, and find all available parts options without having to wait on anyone else. With our current parts database we not only have 100% coverage for Meritor parts but also other manufacturers such as Alliant Power, Diesel Forward, and Doorman. We are consistently looking for part manufactures to work with that share this similar vision.