PowerEdge, A Low Cost, High Quality Alternative?

by | Truck Parts Cross

Earlier this year at Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week 19 in Las Vegas, global automotive component manufacturer Denso unveiled their new PowerEdge brand of starters, alternators, diesel particulate filters, and diesel oxidation catalyst. Denso describes PowerEdge products as a new line of competitively priced aftermarket products with increased durability, backed by the best-in-class sales, service and logistical support of Denso Products and Services Americas, Inc.

PowerEdge 24PE 170-amp Alternator

Fast forward to summer of 2019, they announced the release of the 24PE Alternator. A 12-volt, 170-amp alternator they say meets and exceeds the requirements for heavy-duty trucks. The new alternator is a standard pad mount and fits nearly all Class 8 vehicle applications in operation.

“Today’s heavy-duty market demands superior quality, reliability, fuel efficiency and durability, and the 24PE alternator delivers on all fronts,” says Gilbert Ramirez, manager, Denso Heavy Duty Product Planning. “Built with original equipment technology adapted for the aftermarket, this superior product offers the customer every advantage.”

Impressive Specs

Denso makes some pretty bold claims with the new 24PE Alternator. Denso claims the 24PE delivers superior amp output by delivering higher amps at idle and cruise speeds. The new design also requires less engine power. This reduces fuel consumption and offers higher efficiency. The 24PE has a remote sense function that means the batteries recharge faster after start-up, prolonging the battery life. The new PowerEdge alternator will also be equipped with Denso’s patented rectangular segment conductor technology that incorporates a square wire copper stator. This helps produce a compact, lightweight alternator with a longer life. All PowerEdge alternators are 100% new with no core charge and come with a 1yr unlimited mile warranty.

The More Competition, The Better

This new alternator is a welcomed addition to the truck part world. Not only does it give us additional options for great parts, but ultimately other manufactures will take note and respond. When this happens, the consumer wins via competitive pricing and options. Explore great alternative part options simply by searching the part number in TruckPartsCross.com or on the Mobile App to view available crosses from PowerEdge and 3000+ other manufacturers.