Redline Emissions Products Partners with Truck Parts Cross

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Redline Emissions Products (REP) is a national brand of diesel particulate filters and related products that are distributed and sold throughout the USA and Canada. With multiple warehouse locations that are strategically placed across North America, a Redline Emissions Product is never far away. 

What makes Redline Emissions Products Unique?

Redline Emissions Products is the only company to provide a Born on Weight™ with every filter that is sold. This allows repair facilities to know the exact target weight that a clean diesel particulate filter should be. Once the filter is in the field, repair facilities can compare the original, clean weight versus what the filter weighs once it has been in service. This allows technicians to quickly ascertain how full the filter is.

Customers can also receive information on filters by filling out a form on REP’s website. All they need is the DPF serial number to receive information such as when it was installed, the flow rate, the Born on Weight™, manufacturer date, and more.

You can find Redline Emissions Products through one of their nationwide dealers, which is located on their Dealer Locator.

Redline Emissions Products Related Companies:

While Redline Emissions Products is the brand name of the Diesel Particulate Filters and related items, they also operate several other companies.

Diesel Emissions Services (DES) is the authority on repairs and vehicle service. These dedicated service centers provide both on-site and mobile services involving diesel emissions and related products. DES has the best equipment, the best technicians, and the best training in the market. Besides DPF cleaning, repairs, and diagnostics, the DES locations also provide emission retrofitting, custom DPF mounting, dyno engine testing, on-site training of DPFs and equipment, and much more. is the online store that provides a seamless experience for end users looking to make an emission related purchase online. This site carries their entire inventory, from DPF filters to clamps to DPF cleaning equipment.

Redline Emissions Products Partnership with Diesel Laptops

The website is wholly owned by Diesel Laptops, and we are excited to be working with Redline Emissions Products. We have all of REP’s products in our database, but we’re taking it one step further. All of REP’s dealers are eligible to purchase a Universal DPF Regen Tool that is powered by Diesel Laptops. This is a specially designed kit that is only available to REP dealers across the country.


Also, for a limited time, all orders over $100 on will receive a free 12-month subscription to premium content on our website. This allows users to view repair information on every fault code that exists, along with detailed step-by-step directions, wiring diagrams, component locators, and much more.