Profiles, Favorites, VMRS, and More!

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It’s only January and the team at Truck Parts Cross has been hard at work to bring new features, improvements, and more to the platform you trust for parts cross matches! In this post I’m going to share what we’ve been working on and how you can access these new features starting today:

Enhancements to Your Profile

Search History

When you click My Profile in the top menu, you now have access to two new features, Favorites and Search History. Inside Search History, you’ll find your recent searches, with links to take you right back to those searches within the app:

Search History will store your latest 20 searches.

This new feature saves up to 20 searches, so you’ll never lose track of the parts you need.


We’ve also added Favorites, a way for you to save search results for parts you might need to access often. All you do is click the heart icon inside the search results page, and the app will add it to the favorites tab of your profile:

Click the heart icon to save a favorite.
View your favorites under My Profile

VMRS Codes Are Here!

One of our missions here at TPC as well as our parent company, Diesel Laptops, is to give you the tools you need to work more quickly and efficiently. Not only will this save time looking up the VMRS codes, but our system serves as a consistent place to source your VMRS codes – giving you more complete and accurate records in less time, with no extra work for you or your team.

Your search result will give you the VMRS Code you need:

View the VMRS Code for your part searches.

Purchasing Info

One of our most popular requests is to add purchasing info to our parts searches. We’re excited to report it’s arrived! Instantly find purchasing info for select parts under our new Purchasing info column. Here’s what it looks like:

Order parts directly from your search results!

Got Truck Parts Cross?

If you haven’t started using Truck Parts Cross yet, now is the best time! It’s free to use, so just head on over to and start searching for your crosses today! Our team is constantly improving the database, adding features, and coming up with new ways to let you work faster than ever before. Until next time!

Mike & the TPC Team