Truck Parts Cross – Speed Update!

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Here at Truck Parts Cross we’re always striving to do one better, even during a global pandemic! On today’s update we’ve got a couple things I know you’ll love.

First, rest assured we’re working to do our part during this Covid-19 crisis.

Trucking is an essential industry, but we’re all working from home as much as we can, and keeping ourselves safe and healthy (and sane!). This has been a challenging time, but as we’ve seen in other countries, we’ll have this under control soon.

We salute all those who are still hard at work both behind the wheel and all those keeping trucks running on the road.

Speed Update

Next, a speed update! You may have noticed that our website has gotten a LOT faster in the recent days.

That’s because about a week ago we migrated our web servers to a much faster site, giving us the ability to expand and bring our free service to an even wider audience than ever before! We love how fast and responsive the site is now, and we know you will too.

Search Update

Next, we’ve fielded some reports that some users are getting no results when searching for truck parts. We’ve narrowed this down to an issue with the Internet Explorer browser, so we recommend the following browsers.

Using these browsers will not only speed up your browsing experience, but they’ll do more to protect your identity and security when browsing online as well.

Click whichever one you’d like to try and download it to your desktop or laptop for a great Truck Parts Cross experience.

Don’t Forget – Mobile Apps!

Don’t forget, Truck Parts Cross also has a (now speedier!) mobile app that you can download and use for free on the iOS App Store as well as the Google Play store.

Just click below to get your free Truck Parts Cross app:

Stay Safe!

That’s all the updates for now, and once again we hope you and your families are staying safe and healthy, from all of here at Truck Parts Cross.