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Truck Parts Cross was recently featured on The DL, the trucking industry podcast from our parent company, Diesel Laptops.

In this episode, Tyler talks to Nate Knorr about life, truck parts, and our very own Truck Parts Cross platform!

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Two years ago, Diesel Laptops setting out to change the Truck Parts world with Truck Parts Cross; a free, universal software application that allows anyone to cross-reference parts. Setting out to create a truck parts database was no easy task.

Originally, Nate and Tyler asked manufacturers to provide information for their database and every manufacturer turned them down. Their only option was to scan parts catalogs and enter the part numbers manually in a database of millions of parts.

This enormous project required an army of data entry specialists to accomplish, but along the way, they made sure to clean up all the part numbers, changing 8s to 0s, etc, ensuring the cleanest possible database. They also double-checked indirect cross-references to ensure accuracy, making changes where needed.

Unlike their competitors, the Truck Parts Cross database isn’t full of redundancies based on vendor prefixes. Because of this streamlined approach, searches on Truck Parts Cross will yield clearer, more accurate results.

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