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Truck Parts Cross Week 3 & 4 Updates

It has been a busy couple weeks here at Truck Parts Cross, and the team has been hard at work making our platform even better. We’ve improved search, added content, and are have several new products and enhancements underway to make this an even better free platform....

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Tips When Searching for Truck Parts

While it might seem very straightforward on how to properly search for trucks parts on the Truck Parts Cross platform, this isn’t always the case. The issue has to do with the naming convention that various heavy truck part dealers and distributors use. For example,...

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Week of October 1st 2018 Updates

This was our second full week of system usage, and we want to give a big “thank you” to all our customers. We are working hard to make this the worlds best commercial truck parts cross reference tool, and your feedback is important to us. For updates this week, we...

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Welcome to Truck Parts Cross!

Part of the commitment we are giving to users is the transparency of what we are doing to improve the Truck Parts Cross platform. Our goal is to post weekly blog post explaining what is happening behind the scenes, and of course encourage you to keep helping us! We...

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