About Truck Parts Cross

Truck Parts Cross Explained

Cross referencing commercial truck parts can be a real challenge. You currently either have to use vendor specific websites, try your luck with Google, or use a 3rd party application that forces you to sign a contract and pay a hefty monthly fee. Well, no longer! Truck Parts Cross has been developed from a different angle, we’ve made the information 100% free to the public. Our platform gives you the following features:

  • Search – Easily find both original equipment (OEM) and after market part numbers.
  • Feedback – Leave feedback on cross references to help both future users and to improve the system.
  • Images – With over 100,000 part numbers having images, we have an entire team adding them each week.
  • Notes – Our team will leave important notes on part numbers, to help you find what you area looking for.

Truck Parts Cross continues to evolve, and we encourage to keep an eye on our blog posts for regular updates.

You can access this information through one of these three applications:

Remember, your login will work the same on all 3 platforms!


About Us


Truck Parts Cross is a product that is created by Diesel Laptops. Diesel Laptops is the leading commercial truck diagnostic hardware, software, and solutions provider for the commercial truck and off highway diesel engine markets. We have a team here at our headquarters in South Carolina that is focused on this particular platform.

We also have other software that you may be interested in such as diagnostic software, Labor Time Guide, Truck Fault Codes, and much more.